A little more about me!

Because everyone likes to talk about themselves on some level, I’d like to formally introduce myself!

You may have already gathered this but my name is Daisy and I worked in the exciting field of veterinary medicine for a combined total of roughly 15 years. The last 11 were spent mostly in management for a small, 1.5 doctor, veterinary clinic in an amazing community who enjoyed wonderful clientele and patients.

Behind the scenes: I am a mom of 4 human children, 1 German Shepherd Dog named Ruby, and 2 cats named Tink & Paulie. Oh, I also have a husband who has been an amazing source of support throughout my career and life. I enjoy living in the countryside with my merry band of hooligans and, recently, I have made a career transition that takes me out of the veterinary profession. Why, you ask? There are a lot of reasons for this but primarily it was simply a strategic career move that needed to happen for me and for my family. Dinner was going on the table at 9pm far too frequently and, let’s face it, kid math is hard work, especially after a 10 hour shift that-was-supposed-to-be-an 8 hour shift, sort of day.

That being said, I am having a hard time letting go of the veterinary profession so I have turned to this blog & care site with the goal of offering support, fun, and some sarcastic humor to management roles within the veterinary community. From someone who has been through a lot of career highs and lows; I understand so much. Not everything of course, but, so so much.

I enjoy writing a ton, so this rolls up a few passions of mine into one, I hope you enjoy some of my story writing as much as I do…

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