Daisy Care Rx Boxes

Box subscriptions are my jam. Who doesn’t love to receive gifts with meaningful items inside?!

Part of my goal for this page is to assemble thoughtfully crafted packages for management. A one-time delivery is the best way to start this off, monthly may become a real thing later on down the line! Need a gift for your technician or rockstar CSR? Did National LVT week creep up on you (it’s in October, by the way, the AVMA has yet to determine the date)? Need a personal boost in this tough profession so many of us call home? A reminder that you’re worth it, you matter, and there is no limit to what you can accomplish might help.

Perhaps you’re friendly with another veterinary manager in another state. Thanks to social media, so many of us, myself included, have found management from states away to confide in. Surprise that person!

Well that’s great… But what’s in the box?

Through a simple series of questions, I’ll do my best to match up the loot to your liking. I am from Michigan, so there may be Michigan paraphernalia peppered throughout these boxes.

Fair warning: Sarcasm and off color humor are also my jam (hot button politics, are not).

Daisy Care Rx Boxes

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