The Day I Thought I Discovered A Homemade Bomb

The day I thought I discovered a homemade bomb at the local ice cream shop.

It was such a nice day out so I decided to stop and get ice cream for my children and we hung out near some wooden animal structures while we ate. My son, who was 6 years old, discovered this toy-like looking thing inside of one of the wooden gorillas. He was going on about it and I was doing my usual ‘oh wow honey, that is so cool!!’ and then I saw it and smacked it out of his hand. It was an old school film tube that had camo tape wrapped around it with copper wires also threading through it – like WTF. Is this a bomb? I was shaking I was so nervous, I threw it back inside the gorilla and grabbed my kids and ran back to my vehicle as if I’d just thrown a grenade and was running for cover. Nothing happened. We got into my car and left. We arrived to my boss’s house where I was babysitting some pups and I put the kids outside and cracked a beer and rehashed the events once more. Then I’m like, there was probably a drone that saw me throw that bomb back into the wooden gorilla but they didn’t see my son pull it out of it in the first place and now I’ve targeted myself and my boss’s house as part of the problem?! I decided I’d better call the police and explain what happened before drone-magic unfairly targets me and plus, of course, I want all the people at the ice cream place to be safe (only after I’ve driven completely away from the scene) it’s just getting worse but the second, and then, just before I hung up with the officer, he wanted to know my address and phone number… UGH!!! So I’m sitting there sipping this beer and I’m starting to wonder if the swat team is gonna show up and officers will raid the place. The next thing I panic about is if I’m having to explain this whole matter again, I’m gonna get an officer saying, ‘ma’am, have you been drinking’ so I immediately put the beer down and wait for the military to arrive… instead the phone rings and the officer says he’s pretty sure it was a geo cache item and inside the bomb was a free ice cream cone ticket. Whew… that was such a close one!!!

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