Interviews… Know your worth.

About 2 months ago, I updated my LinkedIn page. The update merely showed that I had separated from the clinic I used to work at and currently worked somewhere else (non veterinary). This tiny update caused the messages to come pouring in. There are a lot of practices looking for a practice manager right now.Continue reading “Interviews… Know your worth.”


Chihuahuas are not like a box of chocolates.  You almost always know what you are going to get.  These little dogs that fit into purses and pockets so well, have a tendency to turn into whirling balls of razors upon entering a healthcare facility, without fail.  Occasionally, there will be a nice one, a rareContinue reading “Chapter One, CHIHUAHUAS”

A little more about me!

Because everyone likes to talk about themselves on some level, I’d like to formally introduce myself! You may have already gathered this but my name is Daisy and I worked in the exciting field of veterinary medicine for a combined total of roughly 15 years. The last 11 were spent mostly in management for aContinue reading “A little more about me!”

My role within the veterinary community

Even though I no longer work in a veterinary capacity, the knowledge, feelings, and the skill set don’t simply go away. I started at my former hospital when I was 18 years old, I started by scooping the yard and walking dogs as so many of us do. I hired in under what some mightContinue reading “My role within the veterinary community”